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Here are some of the things I love that you could be hearing about when you are “In The Loop“. Wine, good wine, wine country and my well missed wine friends, Knights Valley Cabernets, Tom and Brenda, Becky, Gordo, Carin, Hans and MJ and Jack, Peter, Sammy, Howard and Annie, Tracey and Mitch, bud break, winemaking, funny stuff, winemakers, wine people, wine people that like food, olive oil, olives, prosciutto, salumi, cheese, Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake County, Wisconsin, Italy, Spain, travel, gardening, fresh herbs, garden seeds, garlic, garlic, garlic, Good Doggies, good manners, good customer service, great smiles, nice people, coffee, coffee, coffee……Oh, did I mention wine, garlic and coffee?….and Altoids


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