DeLoach 2011 Central Coast Pinot Noir

Our garden is really kicking into full gear here in Northern Wisconsin. In speaking to other gardeners across the country, even with a late spring in certain areas, our gardens seem to be catching up with the warm weather we are now experiencing. Yesterday it hit 96 degrees here with very high humidity, it hasn’t let up today at all.

My friends in Lake County filed this harvest report from their vineyards in Northern California:

Weekly Harvest Report August 26, ’13:

Slightly cooler than usual temperatures in the vineyard this past week. Balmy and mid-80s. Cooling at night to the 50s. This is extending hang time and developing fruit of character and complexity. We have a lot of humidity in the air. We feel this will help the fruit develop without over drying the berries. We are still a few weeks from harvest at the earliest. Looking like a beautiful crop.

Normally, I wouldn’t fire up the grill when it gets too hot but we had a nice sirloin steak dry rubbed and ready to go. I also had a couple nice handfuls of green beans fresh from the garden along with a cucumber and beefsteak tomato.

Just as a short aside, you know those times when the perfect song comes on the radio to accompany whatever moment you find yourself in and it is just perfect with no need to analyze? The song reflects the moment and the moment reflects the song. You might even get lucky and have a second song play that keeps the moment going and maybe a third and a fourth. They might not even be your favorite songs but in the moment they make it perfect. I look for that experience in wine and in those times when the wine I have in front of me doesn’t quite reflect the very moment I am in, I try to think of a time when it would be just right. I present this to you so you understand my notes for the DeLoach 2011 Central Coast Pinot Noir we opened with dinner yesterday.

The steak was medium rare, the beans were sauteed in butter and garlic with a generous sprinkle of Parmesan and the cucumbers and tomatoes were sliced and laid out on the plate with a shake of salt and pepper. The pinot was slightly chilled. I wasn’t doing a tasting but as it always happens I do try to understand the wine I am drinking. Tight nose with black cherry fruit, the tech sheet says red cherry but I think it is a darker more mature fruit but not over ripe. Full fruit in the mouth, nice and round. Steak is done to my taste, sip, OK there it is, Old World Burgundy.

A nice leisurely dinner, everything tastes so fresh and well, it is. What kind of barrel? I find vanilla, but it is so subtle, maybe French oak and maybe stainless steel? Probably almost neutral French oak. It is opening up now that it is warming up, more fruit in the nose, now I find some brighter red cherry notes. I guess not having breathed for a couple years, you would need to catch your breath too. Meal is done and there are still a few sips in my glass to contemplate. Kind of austere in any other noticeable attributes but then it doesn’t offer distractions from a great meal either, I hope it meets a lot of good meals because it is definitely food friendly. I think it will have a good life in the bottle for about three more years.

I always want to be blown away by a wine to make another great memory, perfect song kind of moments. But sometimes the moments are elusive. But when the right time, table, food and place arrive, this wine will have its own moment.


DeLoach 2011 Central Coast Pinot Noir – Available through and Boisset Wine Ambassadors – On sale at $18 and $14.40 for Club Members Call Chris at 715-379-7912


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